FC-UC100 Four door stainless steel freezer/chiller

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Fancor stainless steel chiller / freezer, 凡高不鏽鋼雪櫃,商用不鏽鋼雪櫃,Commercial Stainless steel chiller freezer

FC-UC100 Four door stainless steel freezer/chiller


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Heavy duty wire adjustable shelves to fit more inside the freezer/chiller
  • Environment friendly R-134a / R-404a refrigerant
  • Self-closing door
  • Electronic Thermostat with clear Digital Display

Options available:

  • Static or ventilated cooling system
  • Bottom or top mounted compressor

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Model Dimension (WxDxH)mm Capacity Refrigerant Voltage Temperature °C
FC-UC100 1000x700x1960 800L R134a 220V/110V 0~5
FC-UC100D 1000x800x1960 950L R134a 220V/110V 0~5
FC-UC122 1220x700x1960 1000L R134a 220V/110V 0~5
FC-UC122D 1220x800x1960 1150L R134a 220V/110V 0~5
FC-UC150 1500x700x1960 1250L R134a 220V/110V 0~5
FC-UC150D 1500x800x1960 1500L R134a 220V/110V 0~5
FC-UF100 1000x700x1960 800L R404 220V/110V -15~-20
FC-UF100D 1000x800x1960 950L R404 220V/110V -15~-20
FC-UF122 1220x700x1960 1000L R404 220V/110V -15~-20
FC-UF122D 1220x800x1960 1150L R404 220V/110V -15~-20
FC-UF150 1500x700x1960 1250L R404 220V/110V -15~-20
FC-UF150D 1500x800x1960 1500L R404 220V/110V -15~-20