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Fancor凡高 商用, Fancor Cake showcase, 凡高角形蛋糕展示雪櫃蛋糕櫃,西餅櫃,雲石蛋糕櫃,Cake display showcase, chiller, Commercial refrigerator,

FC-G340RB Cake showcase


  • Ventilated cooling and high humidity design prevent cakes drying out
  • Double layer insulated glass fitted for whole showcase
  • Electronic Thermostat with clear Digital Display
  • Fluorescent interior lighting illuminate products
  • Operating at rear with stainless steel frame enforcement glass sliding doors
  • Toughened glass adjustable shelves

Options available:

  • Different colors and finishes
  • LED lighting system
  • Tailor make base on requirement

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Model Dimension (WxDxH)mm Capacity Refrigerant Voltage Temperature °C
FC-G340RB 1200x800x1200 480L R134a 220V/110V 3~8
FC-G440RB 1500x800x1200 580L R134a 220V/110V 3~8
FC-G540RB 1800x800x1200 680L R134a 220V/110V 3~8