FC-SD600F Slide door display chiller

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Fancor Slide door display chiller, 凡高趟門陳列雪櫃,商用趟門陳列雪櫃,商用玻璃門飲品櫃,Commercial Drink Chiller

FC-SD600F Slide door display chiller


  • Ventilated cooling system
  • Fluorescent interior lighting illuminate products
  • Intensive air circulation enhance cooling performance
  • Energy efficient insulated glass door
  • Aluminum door frame and well seal door
  • PVC coated wire shelves are adjustable to well use cabinet space
  • Electronic Thermostat with clear Digital Display
  • Self-closing slide door to maintain refrigeration and save floor space
  • With ‘lock at the end’ door, you will never get hit by self-closing door

Options available:

  • LED interior lighting provide bright lights and little heat emission
  • Bottom or top mounted compressor


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Model Dimension (WxDxH)mm Capacity Refrigerant Voltage Temperature °C
FC-SD600F 900x650x1980 600L R134a 220V/110V 0~8
FC-SD860F 1150x650x1980 860L R134a 220V/110V 0~8
FC-SD980F 1360x650x1980 980L R134a 220V/110V 0~8